Dash Platinum PODS

Introducing the Dash Platinum Pods, featuring a distinctive design. These super-concentrated detergent capsules utilize multiple compartments to maintain ingredient stability, ensuring they stay separated until they reach your laundry. The groundbreaking layer of Dash detergent pods effortlessly dissolves upon contact with water, unleashing its potent cleaning power to combat a myriad of stains and odors, delivering the perfect amount of detergent.

Achieve radiantly clean results, even in cold and short wash cycles.

For an extra boost of freshness, pair with Lenor fabric softener and Unstoppables, a fragrance booster designed for laundry.

CAUTION: This product can be harmful and may cause serious injury. Keep Dash Pods out of the reach of children. For more information, please visit www.keepcapsfromkids.eu.

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